Ammye's Baby Shower

Ammye and I have been friends since 1985. We met through Karen. Evangeline is named after Ammye (her middle name is Evangeline) Today was Ammye's baby shower, she will be having child number three next month.

Four years ago her marriage was falling apart, her heart was so broken and I in my human wisdom could not see how she could ever recover. But God restored, renewed and gave that marriage the second chance it desperately needed. I see the Ammye fire in her eyes more these days, and I see happiness more each time I look at her face.

She likes to tell me how proud of me she is and how I inspire her but it really is her who inspires me. Walking in forgiveness and hope, never giving up when others would have, and now seeing the fruit of her labor. I am so proud of her.

Thank God for my friends.

Ammye, Me and Lorri.

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Unknown said…
What a beautiful post about a beautiful friend. Glad everyone had a great time. Im a faithful reader but dont get to post a lot!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Sue. I love you
Anonymous said…
Carole-You look TINY in that picture!

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