I can't stop asking Dean about Africa. Mostly I want to hear about the Orphans and the Care Points.

The kids in this picture have AIDS and this is their Orphanage they are standing in front of. Children's Cup helps that Orphanage so since I support Children's Cup, I am helping Pepe and all the children in this picture. That kinda makes not being able to go, ok. We all have a part to play.

Jennifer Jarreau said the kids loved Dean. She said he did great over there. I love hearing that. I know it changed him.

He said the people were so nice and friendly. Look at these ladies, look at that adorable baby. They are cooks at one of the Care Points. They cook food that Children's Cup provides.

This is a picture of Dean with one of the teachers at the new Children's Cup Care point.

I know it's sometimes hard for us to feel like we are doing something when we just give money or pray but we are doing something. When we pray for the work Children's Cup is doing or any other organization that is helping the Orphans and the victims of AIDS in Africa, we are playing a vital part. And none of this can happen without funds. Even small amounts are huge when we give them to further the work of being salt and light to the world. Sponsor a child through World Vision, Compassion International, for only like $20.00 or $30.00 dollars a month. Help build a well through Blood Water Mission, Help AIDS orphans through HIV to Home or help Orphaned and poor children through Children's Cup and specific orphanages in Ethiopia through 5 for 50 . Or help woman start businesses in Africa and other impoverished countries through Opportunity International. There are many other organizations but the bottom line is by even giving like $5.00 or $10.00 dollars a month, you are making a difference. Think if everyone you knew gave $5.00 to $10.00 a month to Children's Cup, how many more kids could get shoes, education, medicine, food?


Anonymous said…
Wow, Dean is so hot.

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