10 things I'm not affraid to admit about myself

I stoled this from Pink Haired Girl but it looked like a fun "bloggy" thing to do so here goes..

10. I love Dwight Yokum's music.

9. I am such a coffee addict that I will drink instant if that's my only choice.

8. I think toe and finger nails should always be polished. Little personal God given paint canvases :-)

7. I want to get my nose pierced.

6. I do NOT have a thick skin! I am freaky sensitive, a big baby if you will, and rejection really knocks me down.(God is helping me NOT be this way)

5. I have now started praying for God to help me lose 10lbs. cuz' I feel like if I ate any less I would starve but I just keep getting fatter-thanks 41!!!

4. I pluck my mustache EVER DAY!

3. I still listen to Metallica.

2. I think a clean car is WAY overrated.

1. and I hate to bathe too!!


Anonymous said…
This is great! I'm going to steal it, too. Number 4 inspired me to hold nothing back. I also would like to pierce my nose.
Anonymous said…
Carole Sue. You have to eat to lose weight. If you starve yourself your metabilism will slow down even more. After 40 you have to exercise more, eat 6 times a day to keep your metabilism up. It is what you eat that's important also. The diabetic diet is good.
This is from a 60 year old who weighs 171 lbs. I was not eating very much and still not losing weight. I started eating more of the right foods and lost weight. Also I am exercising more. I dance to the radio when I am cooking dinner before Gary gets home. Organized exercise is not for me.
Love MOM
Anonymous said…
I know the feeling. I started walking 2-3 miles a day 5 months ago and I have gained 10 lbs.
Anonymous said…
Please-No piercing-but keep up the polishing and plucking:)

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