Why Christians Suck

This is an article from the web site Beliefnet.com written by Tom Davis, Author of "Red Letters, Living a Faith that Bleeds" and "Fields of the Fatherless". The article is called "Why Christian's Suck". It's fantastic, very convicting and very true.

Here's just a taste...

Eighty-five percent of young people outside the church who have had connection to Christians believe present-day Christianity is hypocritical. Inside the church, forty-seven percent of young people believe the same thing. And why wouldn't they? We’re pretty stingy with our money:

- 80 percent of the world’s evangelical wealth is in North America.
- Giving by churchgoers was higher during the Great Depression than it is today.
- Christians give an average of $13.31/week to their local church.
- Only 9 percent of “born-again” adults reported tithing in 2004.

And let's take a peek in on our neighbors:

- More than 1 billion people live in absolute poverty.
- 500 million people are at the edge of starvation.
- 200 million children are being exploited as laborers.
- Half of the human beings on the planet live on less than $2/day.
- 1.5 billion people do not have enough money to buy food.

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Mrs. Loquacious said…
It's true..there is a lot of greed and stinginess in the Church...esp. with time/energy/money. We have been blessed since we've tithed, so we are a convicted people when it comes to giving God His due.

I think the Church as a whole needs a complete overhaul, anyway. In today's broken world, we need to figure out a new way to minister to the brokenness and bring about restoration to God's original intentions. It is hard to do that when many of our churches are still too busy on their high horses judging those around them. :(

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