Billy Gaines at the BR Dream Center this morning. It was a great day with a record 318 people at church today!

Then we had a free garage sale after church! It was cool because as every one came in they got 4 "bucks" (not real money) and every thing at the garage sale cost a dollar so it was an easy way to keep order and also allow the people to get some stuff that they need. We all got to leave around 3:30pm and us, the Trahan's and the Boute's went to eat at Picadilly.

Then tonight we went to walk around the HPC fountain/pond. I was told that 6 laps around the pond was a mile so that is what we walked. And we fast walked. I could just feel the pounds melting off with the sweat and my legs getting buffer by the minute! No, I gotta do something cuz' I'm getting fatter and Dean keeps getting slimmer! He's down to a size 34 pants from a 38!! unfortunately, he doesn't have any size 34 pants so all the ones he has fall off him! Our goal as a family is to walk the pond every night so we can all be fit and trim.

So, it was a very good day.

I'm off to watch Nacho Libre with the kids.

Rock on!


wow-i heard there were lots of people. that's awesome.

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