SOME pictures from Dean's Africa Trip

He has over 300 pictures but I am just gonna post a few. You can check all of them out at

This is Dean by the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Dean with a child at one of the Care Points.

Some of the children that came to the Care Points for food, education, and health Care.

Dean said this was going to be his next tattoo. It was on a wall in one of the Care Points.

Dean at one of the Orphanage with some of the kids.

Dean with Pepe. She is 12 but she is the size of a 5 yr old. She is a miracle, she has been on the verge of death so many times because her body is ravaged my AIDS. She lives at one of the Orphanages Dean got to go to. One of his goals this trip was to meet her and the other AIDS orphans. He said meeting her, going to the Care Points and loving on the kids were the highlights of the trip for him. He got her and other children to sign his hat.

Dean with a couple friends he made at the Care Point.

This last night they were there they got to go on a little safari.

This Elephant actually was in front of the Jeep that Dean was in right before this picture was taken but they couldn't snap a picture of him cuz' he was mad. Yes, Dean said he flapped his ears and snorted at them. The driver turned the jeep off and told them all not to move. The Elephant finally moved to the side. Look at the picture below, see the blue bandanna lady in the front seat? That is where Dean was sitting when the Elephant was mad. The Elephants trunk was right at the grill of the Jeep! Yea, he said he was crapping his pants!

Some Lion's Dean saw.


JOSHUA 1:9 said…
Anonymous said…
Cool Beans! The pictures are awesome. Love MOM
Elysa said…
Oooh...I of course ate these picchas UP! Going to look at his blog and the team blog and hope for more images and details.
Brandon said…
We did that Africa/Jesus mural when some of the full time elevaters went to Swazi a few months ago! Lacelette wanted us to paint something for her and we only had like 35 minutes! Turned out pretty good eh?? So awesome to see it!!

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