Please Pray

The courts in Addis have officially closed for the rainy season. They will not reopen until late September early October. My adoption facilitator said "A"s file has all been redone and submitted (remember it was stolen and his file had to be rebuilt?) Normally, once the courts close they don't hear cases. BUT another family of an older child like "A" did get a court date just yesterday so she said there is a 10% chance that due to his age and length of time at the orphanage, that we will still get a court date with in the next couple weeks. That would put us traveling Mid or late September (we don't go for the court date, the lei son in Addis Ababu appears in court for us and we don't travel until all is done) but that's ok. We are still waiting on funds for travel, some will come from Shohanna's hope (we pray but not even sure of that) and also praying for other sources.

Yes, there is much to be over-comed right now to bring "A" home. He's been at the Orphanage for 15 months. His country is in the middle of a Famine, power being cut off for 6-8 hours a day, food shortage in a place where food was already short. I ache for him and all the children of Ethiopia, especially his house mates. There are 12 children' in the Orphanages that have not found forever homes, I pray they get families soon.

Ugh, it's killing me! So much conflicting emotions right now. Dean is in Swaziland serving Orphans and the people of Africa, that is so great and wonderful, we are here in Okeechobee visiting family, relaxing and having fun but my heart is aching for my one child who is not here. I know they have talked to him and told him we are coming as soon as we can. They really have tried to give him extra attention and love because it's painful for them also to see him long to be adopted, knowing his family is coming, yet waiting so long.

Please pray for this court date. Please. And pray for me. God has been so good to me, He's held me up. I just need to hold on to him and trust His plan every second. Please pray for us to get a court date sooner then later and for all the funds needed to come in. Thank you so much.


I will be praying. I wish I could adopt, I have always wanted to, maybe one day.
I am praying!!
Anonymous said…
Hey babe I just read the post I will have the Afica team pray I miss you so much
love ya
I am so lifting you and your family up in prayer. Just keep your eyes on God. He is amazing!
love and blessings,
Lesley said…
Praying daily for all of you!!


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