No Place Outreach

Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks of No Place Outreach, the ministry to Homeless that E is involved in. This morning she started helping with Breakfast in a cup, that Mrs. Susan Rogers and Vince do on Wednesday mornings. So E gets up at 4:30am on Thursdays to go cook and then serve breakfast for No Place Outreach and now she is getting up at 6am on Wednesdays to go stand on a street corner in the hood and hand out breakfast in a cup! She loves the Homeless. Her and Dean both really enjoy working with the people of the street. Again, I am so grateful to Vince, Frank, and Susan, they are amazing servants who just want to be the light of Jesus and my E gets to do ministry with them, what more could a mother ask for?

Dean with a boy that I don't know his name..

Pork chop, John, two homeless men, Parnell, E and another guy that I don't know his name, getting the bunny ear treatment from E.

John, Parnel, the beautiful Susan with E and again, yet another person that I don't know their name. ;-0

E and John posing with a frying pan cuz' that's what cooker people do.

E and Dean with some of the fun cooking peeps that get it all ready to eat out on the street.

E and Lucie leading worship.

John Austin tuning his guitar getting ready to worship.

Pork Chop, John and E in the truck.

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Anonymous said…
I really have to commend you for letting your daughter be involved in something that is so awesome. I'm not sure my parents would have let me do something like this when I was her age... you're raising such an amazing little girl & encouraging her to serve in this capacity is sure to have a huge effect on her growth in Christ. Massive props to you, Carole. That's rock&roll Christian parenting. :)

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