Mom's 60th birthday bash

My mom's 6oth birthday party was last night and it was fun. It was a 60's and 70's themed party and my sister had her house totally transformed into a disco! I danced like a crazy woman. I LOVE to dance so does everyone in my family, so today, we are sore from all that dancing.

Here are some pictures from the night.

Mom with Gary. Mom even had on Fake eye lashes. Gary is wearing the T-shirt that Evangeline Ty-dyed at ASAP last week! E and Megan did Gary's hair with the bandanna and even got one of my moms "eagle" necklaces for him to wear. They both looked great, very 1960's!

My nephew Timmy, his wife Angie, My sister in law Dallas and my brother Joe.

These are moms friends, JD and Phyllis. Phillis is dressed up as Tina Turner and JD is a blond Gene Simmons from Kiss. JD is 73 years old!!!

Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine band, all the cool dance tunes from the 70's packed the dance floor.

My sister Donna and I posing by the peace sign. My mom had us taking pictures by the peace sign of her with every guest as they arrived.

Mom striking a 60's dance pose..

My nephew Timmy, wearing his 12 yr old sister Megan's jeans, striking a John Travolta pose. He totally looked the part in that pimp collar shirt.

Shaun and Candice as Farmer Joe Mc Donald and Janice Joplin and me.

My sister Donna, my brother Joe and Me.

Candice and Shaun (without their wigs) and me.

One wall in my sisters living room. All the walls were covered with decorations like this.


Anonymous said…
That is so cool. What a great idea!
Girl, this looks like the best party! Your family seems like so much fun and really knows how to have a good time. What fun! You look just like your sis, too. You look great!
Anonymous said…
I missed it. Yall looked great! Happy Birthday, Mom! Your go-go boots were rockin'.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm locked out of my blog. Not sure why or how to fix. Maybe you could look at it. Just email me.
Lesley said…
Hey there!! I don't know what was going on but, I can finally access your blog again!! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!

It looks like y'all had a really good time at your Mom's birthday party :-) Happy Birthday Carole's Mom!!!!!!!!

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