Last night for Midnight outreach we hit the north side of Baton Rouge. No strip clubs just straight up street outreach and can I say, it was so awesome! 11pm, on the corner of North and 21st street we met this family. We signed up the kids for VBS, gave the mom an invite to Pamper Night at the BR Dream Center and of course they all got chocolate. All together we signed up about 6 kids for VBS just by driving around the hood and stopping to talk to the people that were outside late at night.

We prayed with crack addicts in the front yard of a crack house, drunks at the Alamo and a momma who just needed prayer for everything. I like to call Midnight "Stop drop and pray" cuz' that is how it flows. Always be ready to pray.

It was a great evening of connecting with people and it ended with conversations and prayer with three prostitutes on Airline Hwy and a man who pulled over just to talk to us cuz' we were HPC. He asked for prayer for his addiction to alcohol and for salvation.

I just have to say how grateful I am that I get to do this. Dean and I so love it. Every time we go I get emotional thinking of how blessed we are to go to a church that facilitates and encourages this kind of ministry. From the Shuttle, the roses, the chocolates and the gas, people generously donates all that so we can do this and because of that, last night people heard about Jesus, were prayed for and given information on how they can get life skills assistance, spiritual support and the basics like food and clothing. We GET to do this and we know we are blessed.

Props to the team that we love, we always have new people coming and going but the core, Allice, Donna, Charity, Vince, Summer, the "sometimers" Craig, Kelly P, Paul and the new guys Frank, Frankie, Mark. It's an honor to work with you all. I learn something every time. You are the hands and feet of Jesus, so glad I get to be around you all!

Vince, Frankie, Donna and Frank with a family...

Summer, Dean (in the shuttle drivers seat) Frank, Allice, Mark, Vince and Charity.


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