In Okeechobee

Me, Candice, My sister Donna, her friend Jody and Jody's mom.

The kids and I are in Okeechobee Florida visiting family for my moms 60th birthday celebration. The cell service here is freaky bad and my mom has dial up! I feel like I am in a foreign-technology challenged-country instead of Dean. But no, I am just in boon-docks Florida so my ability to constantly communicate with the world is very limited. You can follow me on Twitter for updates. Sometimes I can send and receive Twitters from here and sometimes I cant, random and unpredictable is the word. (twitter is in my side bar).

Dean and the team made it to Swaziland Africa, everyone on time, nothing lost and no fights so that is great. He posted a tiny bit on his blog, click HERE to read it and also you can keep up with him and the team on the Swaziland summer team blog by clicking HERE.

We are having fun but we sure miss him.


Elysa said…
Going to check out Dean's blog now.

BTW, do you know where they are staying?

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