Fushia and Coke Zero

Evangeline got a mouse for her birthday, Steele kept wanting to hold "Fushia" (that's E's mouse) so we went and got Steele one. He named his mouse "Coke Zero", seriously, that' her name. Well funny thing is, Fushia is calm, lets you hold her easily kinda like E, and Coke Zero is like a crazy jumper mouse. Hard to hold, moves alot, kinda like Steele! We will have to get a mouse for "A" when he comes, wonder what his will be like...

I love my kids!

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leah said…
funny story- when i was little i got a hamster for a birthday, and had to buy my little sister one too after to pacify her. Well, it ended up one had a boy and one had a girl...they had a little hamster family. so you might want to double check that or you may have mice babies one day....ahhh

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