Fun in deep water!!

This is my brother Joe driving the Jeep, and look closely, that's not asphalt he's driving on, that's water! Yep we went muding!! Well Kinda. See, it was all water and very little mud but it was fun.

This is Dallas, Joe's wife. Yes she has on a Camo T-shirt. She loves the outdoors ( I told you she was cooler the Gretchen Wilson) Her and Joe go out mudding in their Jeep nightly, cuz' heck, they have a mud hole right behind their house so why not.

I actually really dug it, for a "not-outdoorsy-at all-type" I thought it was way cool.

This is my nephew Gage and Steele. Gage is 7 and at one point during the ride he said "welcome to my world". He's the coolest outdoor kid ever! (notice the water behind them) I told him that he will have to school Steele and "A" in the art of muding, 4-wheeling and camping, every time we come down to visit. I love that kid.

And this is my girl E enjoying the ride. See that water? A couple times I was worried we were gonna get stuck or sink but we didn't. At one point my feet that were on the back floor board actually got wet! But my brother is a professional so it was all good.

It's so cool because it's just hundreds of acres of sand and mud and water. At one point we stopped to look at tracks on the road. Dallas and Joe wondered aloud if they were bear tracks since the last time they were out there they had seen two black bears, but they weren't. Joe said they looked like the tracks of a big fat Hog.

While we were driving we got to hear a great story about a time when they were out there muding and saw what they thought was a discarded, really nice tire floating in the mud beside them, but they soon realized it was THEIR front tire!! Yes, too much fun in the mud had cost them a tire. Of course there was other massive 4 wheel drive vehicles around to pull them out and PUSH them home.

We didn't get muddy but it was a new experience for me, E and Steele, way outside my comfort zone and I'm very glad we got to do it. We talked about us coming down next year and really spending time out there on the 4 wheelers and hopefully really getting muddy.

Thanks Joe for the memory!!


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