Everyday you save my life

Every day I go to my mail box, and I am disappointed because no immigration papers, and no Shohanna's Hope Grant. A million times a day I check my e-mail and my phone, hoping to hear or see that we have a court date but again, disappointed. The last week, it really started to take a toll on me. I struggled to pray even though that is what I needed to do most. Then some lives around me went crazy as well and it caused me to really hit a hard wall of grief and dispare.

You know it's like we know better. As followers of Christ we know He has it under control. Time and time again He proves Himself but somehow our flesh can get us right back into that funk again. But Saturday night Dino preached about testing. He talked about how some of us are being tested by delay. Dean and I both went forward to be prayed for cuzz we are certainly being tested by that.

What I love is that He really does meet us where we are. Even if I'm cussing out of disbelief at a situation, He still meets me there. When I say "God help me cuz' I am just not handling this very well" He does help. No, nothing has changed externally but internally everything changes every time I call out to Him. It's in that second, that moment, and that's all I need to get to the next second, the next moment.

So, I am going to be a total cheese ball right now and post this video. It makes me cry cuz' it's just how I feel about Jesus.

..I come around all broken down and crowded out
And your comfort
Sometimes the place I go is so deep and dark and desperate
I don’t know I don’t know how

Everyday you save my life


Anonymous said…
Carole, you inspire me so much, I've only recently began reading your blog, I saw it on Shannon Rasbury's (I'm a work friend of Shannon's)blog and clicked on, every since I've checked it out from time to time. You and your family are so amazing, I see you at Winbourne on Friday and think how wonderful it is to see a entire family working for the good of people. I pray with you that God continues to bless and multiply to your family.

Melissa Arthur
Winbourne volunteer
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Melissa, that is very sweet.
Anonymous said…
I was looking at your twitter. Go to Vegsource.com for homeschool books. It's the best. Just look on the left side for homeschooling, then for sale boards.
Melinda said…
I just found your blog from RedLetters. I am a fellow blogger and it seems we have alot in commen right now. We are waiting for our daughter A. who is 9. We have a court date July 25th. We also are still waiting for immigration to approve us and to hear from Shaohannah's Hope. I will have to keep checking your blog to see your good news soon. I will be praying for you. By the way I love that song, one of my favorites.

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