Dean leaves today for Swaziland Africa

Dean is off to Africa in a couple hours. Coca Cola donated some stuff for Dean to take to the Orphans. Coke pencils are the best! Have you ever used a Coke Pencil? They ruin you for all other pencils! He got Coke to donate a couple hundred of them and also these really cool lunch bag/cooler things that are Olympic themed and even have the Ethiopia Coke can on them. And Dan told them they could use stuff like hats to barter with in the markets, even used hats. Well Dean has WAY TO MANY hats (at least to me) so he grabbed several and is taking them with him too so he can give them away or use them to barter with.

I think it's so cool that Coca Cola donated all that stuff.

I feel really torn right now. I am so happy for Dean. I know God is going to use this trip to change him. But I can't help but wish I was going with him.We love serving together and I have wanted to go to Africa for so long. Did I miss God? Was I supposed to go? I thought we would have "A" home by now so I knew I couldn't leave him for that long just after getting him. But we don't have "A" yet. From what the agency is saying, September will be the earliest, so, I can't help but wonder if I was supposed to go. Really, I feel at peace with the way things are. I do believe God has a purpose for the way things have played out. The kids and I will get to go to my mom's 60th birthday party, so that is good, especially since we haven't seen my family in a year. I know that will be fun. So, it's all good. I know it is.

This is the hat that we sent to "A". Dean got one just like it to wear while in Africa. I love that. It's like a connection, a hat tied to our son in an Orphange in Ethiopia Africa - tied to a dad on a missions trip to help orphans in Swaziland Africa. Makes me choke up just typing it.

Please check out the Swaziland Summer team blog between now and July 30th for all the updates. Dean is rooming with Dan Ohlerking, the blog father, so besides the snore fest that will ensue from that room, I am hoping for a blog-Internet communication fest from there as well so we can all follow this amazing adventure, life changing mission, through the wonders of cyberspace!

And YOU KNOW I will be a blogging fool while he is gone.


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