Couture, Critters and Counter Culture

E celebrated her 12th birthday last night with a few friends. She invited just girls that she doesn't get to hang out with much, Michelle, Jenny, Claire, Kaylee and her older-mentor girl friends, Tori Sarah and Leah but Leah couldn't come.

First stop, Plato's closet for some second hand clothes shopping...

Then they went to Petco where E bought herself a new mouse. She named her "Fusha" yea, Fusha. Isn't she cute?

Then to Counter Culture for the best yogurt!

Her actual birthday is tomorrow, Thursday. On that day she will be doing what she loves most, She will be serving the homeless at homeless breakfast. I am not just saying that, she is so thrilled that her birthday falls on the day of homeless outreach she even wanted to have her birthday party AT homeless!! I told her that all these girls parents probably wouldn't like it to much if they all had to be at a party for 5am.

If you see her tomorrow please wish her a happy 12 yr old b-day!


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