Adoption Update

"If anyone ever tells you adoption is easy, you should punch them in the face. it’s not. it’s complex, difficult, emotional, and sometimes painful. getting punched in the face is easy."

This is a quote from him and his wife are in the middle of adopting two children from Haiti, they have been waiting a really long time. They have gone to visit several times. But right now they are dealing with obstacles that could stop the adoption all together.

My heart broke for him when I read his post. He has one biological son and one adopted son already so he knows all to well of which he speaks. Sometimes it is just plain torture.

I was telling Lorri this morning that it just makes everything else very raw. All other events are magnified emotionally. It's like your heart, mind and soul are amped up, revving a little to high in anticipation, longing and waiting. Every "bad" news makes you stop breathing.

Like Dean's finger prints being lost. The department of homeland security LOST Dean's finger prints. They called THREE weeks ago and informed us. We were ready then to go get more made, they wouldn't let us, said they were looking for them and would contact us if we needed to come do them again. Well, today they did just that so tomorrow we go back to New Orleans to do more prints for Dean. Yes, this is a huge set back. We need our immigration clearance before we can travel to get A.

Also, we got news last week about A's papers being stolen, Yea, that's the reason we haven't gotten a court date yet. They are having to rebuild his file. BUT we still could get a court date any day, the courts are staying open until August 1st. So we possibly could travel mid August. Ugh, I can't even go into all the details, makes me crazy but I KNOW God has it under control.

Really I do know that, I just have to walk in what I know.

Yes, as you can see, this process is full of hoping, seeing that hope pass, then hoping again to bring your child home. There are times that I honestly wonder if I will ever go to Ethiopia to bring my son home. Steele ask almost daily "when is A coming? I wan't to be his little brother and him be my big brother."

There really is not much to do with this roller coaster but give it to God and that is not a one time deal. I have to give it to Him every day, many times a day. I had stopped looking at A's pictures or watching his video's because it made the longing unbearable but not seeing him makes calluses and hardness grow in my heart so I will chose the pain and risk the raw emotions that come with longing.

THIS IS ALL WORTH IT TO US. No matter what happens, doing Gods will is worth whatever and we know He has led us on this path. There is no peace outside His will and us bringing A home is a true hearts desire of ours. So, I am really trying not to be an emotional fruit cake psycho, but if your around me and I get that way, please give me some grace.


Unknown said…
I was having a tough time with Jonas' pics too. I think, for me, I just wanted someone to blame. Praise God that He's releashed me from the anger that was threatening to pull me down...I still look at Jonas' pics and it still hurts but I know that God's got this way bigger plan and I'm just along for the ride. We'll be praying for you!

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