White Trash Syndrome

This post is from two years ago. I am reposting it in honor of Whittaker Woman's recent post about what's behind her couch. The minute she asked "what's behind your couch?", I knew I had to pull this gem out of the archives.


For ten years I cleaned houses for a living. I was very good at it too. At one point I was cleaning 6-8 houses a week turning away new clients. My house was always spotless and organized. Even now with two kids, a full time job and a loaded social schedule, I manage to keep it pretty clean-on the surface that is.

Alas, I must deal with a deep dark mental problem that has haunted and plagued me all these years. This secret, this hidden issue causes great pain and anguish to my soul, my family and my furniture, yes, I suffer from White Trash Syndrome. A syndrome where by the person is unable to walk from the couch to the nearest trash can, instead the person impulsively shoves the trash into the couch or behind the couch. It's not common, actually I think I am the only person who suffers from this disorder and from what I hear the only cure is to get my lazy butt up and walk to the trash can.

I'm not a nut job, I just play one in the blog world.


Anonymous said…
Good idea, I just throw my trash on the floor. At least yours is hidden.
HerstoryGirl said…
If it makes you feel any better, I know for a fact that my family suffers from the same syndrome. I have not given up on finding a "cure." ;>)
Anonymous said…
That makes me laugh, Carlos has the the I can't take my spoon to the sink syndrome! Love the post! H

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