What I did last night..

A few of us on the shuttle waiting to head out for Midnight outreach.

I went into two Strip Clubs and gave about 18 strippers roses and make up, prayed with a crack head and a prostitute in the inner city and invited them to church. I saw a guy that had just been stabbed in the stomach loaded into an ambulance, as we gave Chocolate to the EMS workers. I talked to drunks and prostitutes at the Alamo Hotel and told them we pick up there on Friday's and Sunday, watched my husband give chocolate too, talk and laugh with huge bouncers outside of an inner city Juke Joint, handed out fliers for a Billy Gaines Concert at our church (remember him? Billy and Sarah Gaines? They were popular in the 80's), gave roses and makeup to waitresses at Hooters and invited kids that were awake and outside at midnight in the hood, to VBS.

It was a great night.

I love my life!

Click HERE to read Summer's more detailed account of last night. She Rocks!


Elysa said…
I love your life, too!:D
HerstoryGirl said…
Last night was the best! I'm still in disbelief. I blogged about it, too.
We're just bein' lazy today... I love my life as well. =)
Shanda said…
I'm over from Carlos's blog. Sounds like you had an amazing night!
Love your blog, I'll be back to read more soon.

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