The weekend

It's been a great weekend. Really.

Friday Thrive was crazy!! I had 20 kids, just me and Alex. Yes, Nadia is in the picture but she had to go help with the babies so I really can't imagine what I would have done without Alex! All together there were 50 kids under 12 yrs of age!

Saturday Dean worked and the kids and I hung out with Karen again. Evangeline swam for like, 10 hours! I remember the days of doing that. Your skin shrivels up and your eyes are completely bloodshot but man, is it worth it! She is having a blast with Karen's kids Honey and Isabelle. They really miss each other.

Check out Isabelle's newly pimped blog. I will be "pimping" Honey and Andrew Harvey's blogs this week as well :-)

Sunday was yet again another reminder of why I love my church so much. Really, I love HPC, the Highland Campus but I even more so love being a part of this Winborne campus. I guess it's just because I absolutely know that is where we are supposed to be. Adam and Rachael ALWAYS amaze me. They just have such servant, humble hearts. And Mike Havalin, our worship leader, is just the same. Amazing servant heart, no pretense, beautiful sweet wife and just a heart to lead people into worship. We are SO blessed to have these great leaders. No, I'm not kissing up I am appreciating.

We watched the One Prayer video today at church, Craig Groshel's sermon, Make us One. WOW! It was so good. Really spot on! I loved it and it ministered to so many people.

After church we went to Pat and Lorri's house for some Roast, mashed potatoes, peas, salad, bread and Power Aide. Yes, I said Power Aide, not Tea. Lorri subconsciously knew before hand that the Coke man (Dean) was coming over for lunch so she planned the Coke product just to make him happy. (just kidding)

But anyways, it was a great time. I really do have the best friends in the world.

Then just as I started typing this I look over into the living room and see this..

The LSU game is on and Daddy and Steele are sleeping.

Life is good cuz' God is good. I am gushing I know, but sometimes I just can't help it.


Anonymous said…
What a cool pic...the dog is cool icing on a cake!!!
Anonymous said…
That is just too precious!
Love MOM
Lesley said…
LOVE the picture of your two men napping on the couch!! It's so sweet!

I loved Craig Groeschel's message yesterday too... it spoke volumes of truth. It's awesome that you are having such an awesome time serving at Winbourne!! It has to be an amazing feeling to know without a doubt that you are where you are supposed to be! Miss seeing you at Highland though :-)

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