Shane Claiborne and Chuck Colson pannel discussion

Three Degrees of Separation from Speaking of Faith on Vimeo.

This video is long, like an hour and a half. I pressed play and listened while I folded laundry and cleaned the house. I am very glad I did.

I love both Colson and Claiborne. They think very differently but both of their hearts show clear in this video. I only respect them more after seeing and listening to it.

I don't know the other guy that is on the panel.

Anyway, check it out if you have time or download it to your I-pod an listen to it later. I loved it.


Anonymous said…
Carole, I just can't listen to a man wearing a scarf and dreads for an hour and a half. Can you recap?
MaryAnn Mease said…
its on Itunes too...its on my ipod. was going to do some yardwork with the ipod to distract me...but the stupid machines made too much noise to be able to hear it without raising the volume to a level that would absolutely ruin my hearing. will have to be a day when the yardwork is done and i can sit poolside and gaze at the lovely yard and landscaping.

yes, Shaine & company will really mess you up. everything about being a Christian is just all of a sudden very simple and doable...well, it takes alot of changing of everything in my life to actually be DOable...but..i am aiming that way now.
Going to see Shaine in Raleigh in July. part of me is scared witless.

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