Ragamuffin Top

Ok, so Carlos threw down a weight loss challenge and I'm gonna take it. No, I don't think I'm fat, but I do need to lose 10lbs. So, that is my goal. I want to weigh 140 by July 21st, which is my moms 60th birthday party in Okeechobee Florida.

I like 140 better then 150. Now that I am fully recovered from the hysterectomy I can do some crunches and stuff also. And I can just stop eating bad. I go through spells where all I want is Big Macs from Mc Donalds and Chips and Salsa. So, I'm gonna try to make some changes. Unfortunately, my 40 yr old metabolism doesn't respond like my 30 yr old metabolism did, so we will see.

If you want to join the Ragamuffin Top Challenge, Click HERE.


HerstoryGirl said…

No, seriously, I'm rooting for you!
Hey, I'm down 30 pounds since Christmas!!
Yay, me.
Nevermind that I still have a long way to go... =(
Hey, I saw your comment on ragamuffin and I am in the contest too. I started last Monday and today was my weigh in and I lost 9 lbs so far. My goal is to lose 20 lbs at least in 2 months and by next year June 2,2008 I want to be at 150lbs. I will be with you on this challenge!
Elysa said…
Okay...this is SO not fair! I saw the title with the word RAGAMUFFIN in it and thought it was going to be this great, uplifting article about Brennan Manning and grace. Then I see its about THIS! Way to make a girl feel bad about that piece of homemade cake I just scarfted down.

But my, oh, my! Can my girls make some fine cake or what?!?
Anonymous said…
Hey I just started the challenge also and I wanted to stop by and get to know some people. I am with you on the Big mac cravings....oh you dont even know. My other indulgence is chips & Guacamole. Oh just so good! I just started last saturday so I am a week behind it seems but I am still excited to lose weight and meet others. I hope to check back soon!

Brian Lucio said…
Girl I am so THERE with you!!! I'm already training for a 5K I want to do with Brian. If you are serious, we can workout together! You can use my gym at the office with me and it won't cost you a thing! I would love a partner! I'm ready to lose my "ragamuffin" tops too!
Anonymous said…
good luck :)

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