ok, so I was talking to my Obama church buddy the other night (there are actually a few secret Obama supporters here in the Republi-christi-bayou-south, they just aren't as vocal as me) and I had to tell her I was leaning toward McCain. She said she was still behind Obama and I told her, that when it comes election time, I may be back there too and this is why I say that;

If Obama gets Joe Liberman as his running mate, well I would feel really good about that ticket, I really like Joe Liberman. BUT if he pulls in Hillary as his VP, there's no way I can vote for him,(my Obama friend said the same).


If McCain got Jindall, or even Huckabee, well, I'd really like that ticket so I would be on the McCain wagon. BUT if McCain pulls in Romney, I would have to jump off again.

SO, we will see how this plays out.

What will I do if it's non of the scenarios I just laid out? Well, I have no idea. That's why this is called a process.

Rock the Vote!


Aimee Cait said…
I had to have the "I support Obama" talk with my dad in the car the other day. Needless to say, that was quite the interesting conversation, but he respects my opinions & my ability to articulate them, so it's all good.
Ron said…
I doubt seriously that Obama will chose Liberman as VP. They're too far apart on important issues such as the Iraq War. Which is one of many reasons why Liberman is now a Independant.

The choice is clear to me...hold your nose and vote McCain.
Anonymous said…
Obama? Okay if you like socialism in America then I would vote for him.....then again you could also vote for McCain for the same reason. I can't help but vote according to Constitutional Principles so that means I will throw my vote either to Church Baldwin and if he doesn't make the ticket in Louisiana then I will NOT vote.
I can't vote for the destruction of my country or the principles it was founded on.
Anonymous said…
Chuck Baldwin....not Church.....LOl

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