Not Rebel yell, Rebel pray

These are the final disposition papers from two of my arrests, one from 1995 and the other from 2000. Both were for unpaid tickets for traffic violations.

I had received notice the other day that in order for our immigration forms for our adoption to be approved, I had to provide the department of Homeland Security with these documents. They explain "why" I had contempt of court charges appear on my federal finger print records.

When I got the call and then the official notification in the mail my first thought was "why didn't I just pay the tickets when I got them?" Yes, they are paid now, all that was cleared up back in 2000. That is what the Dispositions show. BUT I had to be arrested, go to court and pay way more then the original ticket because I just didn't do the whole "responsibility" thing. I used to NEVER keep my license, tags, inspection sticker, or anything up to date and current and I certainly didn't pay traffic tickets. Last month I renewed my drivers license two months before it was due. I have learned my lesson.

Seriously, who did I think I was? Why did I think I should be above the law when the entire rest of the world wasn't? What kind of witness was I by living that way? How Christ like is that?

We do reap what we sow. Today humbled me yet again. Today, waiting at the court house for these papers. I prayed a lot. Me and God talked. I told Him how thankful I was for His mercy and grace. I knew I deserved this, I was just reaping what I had sown many years ago. I asked Him to teach me from this experience.

See, we can't travel to get A if we don't have this immigration clearance. Me having to get these dispositions delays us getting that clearance. Like lets say the agency calls me tomorrow and says that we have a court date for July 1st. If I don't have the immigration clearance back by then,we can't travel to get him and I would have to wait for a later court date. Yes, my actions in 1995 and in 2000 could affect the life of my entire family and delay getting A home. That's hard to take.


If this all was not happening right now, I would not be able to tell you this story. I would not be able to tell young people that being irresponsible will come back to haunt you later in life.

So I rest in this..

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (NIV)


Cajun Tiger said…
I like the line, "Me and God talked." Isn't it just amazing that we can actually have a discussion with the creator of the universe! What an awesome God we serve! Oh and I definitely know all about reaping from past mistakes, so good job on learning from the mistakes to hopefully help others not make the same.

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