I stole this from Shaun Groves blog. I wanted to barf with complete agreement. I know they are called Millenials but I think it's more like ME-enials or like the guy in the video says "narsasistic praisehounds" and he talks about what I detest the most, "the Coddling virus" that plagues their parents.

Anyways, I know this is not happy and chipper Friday post but it is way to true from my experience.

"Clever, selfish, hopeful, socially retarded, cocky, inclusive, spoiled, fun, civic, needy, confident. Just a few of the words used to describe Millennials.

Here are the weaknesses: In general, they don’t believe in earning respect or position or status - these are their inheritance for simply being born. They can’t be encouraged enough, for showing up, for breathing. They get their feelings hurt if the applause stops. They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves. They’re in it - whatever it is - for the immediate results, not the long haul. They all claim ADD, ADHD or OCD. They’re not the greatest communicators: too busy texting to look you in the eyes when speaking and “like” is their greatest contribution to the American lexicon so far.

But there’s an upside: They are positive, hopeful, certain a silver lining exists and always looking for it, not prone to melancholy and cynicism like we Gen-Xers. Like the Boomers, they truly believe they can change the world and they’re eager to join those working to that end. Having always been rewarded for success, they crave it, making them tremendously goal oriented, driven and hard-working when the carrot’s dangled. They work well in teams yet have so much self-confidence that they’re unafraid to tackle the most difficult problems on their own. They live and breath digital and internet technologies, which they use effortlessly to integrate and synthesize data from all grids of their lives: work, personal, spiritual, economic.

Watch this and then think out loud about what this generation might do when leading the American Church. How might their perspective and personality affect the theology and methodology of Christianity in America’s future?

I wonder. "


HerstoryGirl said…
Give me a break.
MR. ROGERS is to blame???

Good grief, by 1980 Mr. Rogers was all but passe... Mr. Rogers was far more influential to us, Gen-Xers so that theory doesn't hold.

It's the PARENT'S FAULT, pure and simple, and while I don't think the millennial generation is all bad (I like their positive outlook and their choice of family over career), I do abhor their self-entitled attitude. Whatever happened to humility?

And *ahem* Mr. Rogers was one of the most humble people who ever lived, so let's not pin it on him.

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