The Metrosexual Worship Leader

I stole this from Stuff Christians Like cuz' it's very funny.

The Score Sheet for the Metrosexual Worship Leader

If you didn't read post "#269. Understanding how metrosexual your worship leader is," this won't make a lot of sense. But after posting, some readers pointed out that I needed a score system to interpret what the results of my metro guide meant. For instance, let's say you score a 22, what does that mean? What's a 43? Great point.

So here it is. My hope is that everyone will post comments and confess which category they fit in. I scored a 35 by the way.

0 - 10 points = Hymnal Hero
You my friend are what is known in the industry as a "Hymnal Hero." (the industry of sarcasm by the way) You're not metro in the least bit. You don't like fruit flavored chapstick and think that songs that were written in this century, or the last one for that matter, are "too new." If married, your wife tries to get you to wear hip jeans but you're not into it. When my hymnal cologne comes out, you will buy a case.

11 - 20 points = Tomlin Curious
Oh, well hello there, you're Tomlin Curious. I am of course referring to Chris Tomlin, one of the founding fathers of metrosexual worship leading. You're currently dipping a toe, pedicured even, into the idea of all of this. You still rock the occasional hymnal but recently you saw a wide leather bracelet at the mall and thought about getting it. When you sleep at night you can hear voices calling you, "come style your hair, come frost your tips."

21 - 40 points = Goatee Guy
Right now, you're wearing Pumas and drinking a coffee that has fourteen words in its name. It's cool, I have Pumas on too. You've gone over to the Salmon side. (This is the side where instead of saying "pink" you say things are "salmon" or "melon" or "coral.") You rarely play a hymn and style yourself after Jeremy Camp. For breakfast you had something with "wheat grass" in it.

41 - 60 points = Girl Jeans Gambler
I've never personally rocked the girls jeans because they make my legs look really skinny. Oh, and I'm also a boy. But you're thinking about it. I mean you're not ready to do the Chris Daughtry eyeliner thing, he's a bit more rock than metro anyway, but when you shop for clothes you get a little tempted. You've never sung a hymn and think Chris Tomlin is "too traditional."

61+ points = The Carlos
My friend Carlos of, who works at North Point, is perhaps the most metro worship guy I have ever met. He's also one of the coolest too, but that's beside the point. Not only does he have a tattoo of Paul's conversion, he was featured on the show "LA Ink" getting it. He has a cool nickname, "Los" and hangs out with creative types like photographers a lot. He's really funny but can bust out an instant, "I'm a serious rockstar worship leader" face for his photos and was sent to Africa by Compassion International because his blog is so big. He is the Michael Jordan of Metrosexual Worship Leaders. If you reach this level then you are on another planet my friend, the Carlos planet.
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