Life in the wait

Everyday I get up, start the coffee pot and sit down in my "quite time" place. Well, not everyday, some days I give into the temptation to check my E-mail first. Actually I struggle with that every morning now that we are waiting on news of a court date. I have a hard time waiting. I'm not real good at it. But God helps me, He's good.

It's been good to chill the last week or so. Me and the kids are spending a lot of time sitting outside at our new patio set, keeping the TV off more, reading more and of course doing lots of nesting things around the house. I have been a painting fool and every day I see more things I want to "fix" or change. Like I bought a bigger trash can. I mean, another child will make for more trash correct? I also need some bigger hampers, more drawers for cloths, stuff like that.

So, slowly we are getting the house ready for A. Yea, did you see that? I can't say his name on the web. I didn't know that until a week ago so I had to go back and remove his name from all post about him! It took like an hour. So now I will just call him "A" and I will be so glad when he's ours and I can post pics, his name, whatever.

Please keep us in your prayers. Pray we can learn from this wait, let it work on us and change us for His glory and please pray for our immigration forms to be completed, Travel support, and a court date soon.

Thank you all.


Waiting is a very hard thing for me too. I will be praying for you continually.
Lesley said…
Patience is one thing that I am seriously lacking... and I can't imagine having to wait for something as important as information on bringing your little boy home!!!

Keep the faith!! Continuing to pray for all of you ...

Lesley :-)
Curlz said…
Praying Gods best for you in this situation and all things. You seem to have such a heart for Him. Thank you for your example of faith in action ~ Curlz

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