Killer Pumps

I would like to say that I was on E-Bay JUST for Home school curriculum but that would be a lie. I knew that after purchasing some workbooks I would click "apparel" and look for some shoes. I love shoes.

Dean likes to say "we have a little thing called an Adoption to pay for" every time I mention new shoes, clothes or stuff like that. But today, when I got my new pumps in the mail, he wasn't mad. See, I explained to him that these are Nine West, hip, cool, $50.00 pumps that I got on E Bay for $16.00 including tax and shipping!

The staple of my wardrobe since I started wearing heels back in the 80's has always been the perfect pair of black pumps. I mean, really, if you have them, well your set. It's been a while since I have had the perfect pair of black pumps. About a year and a half ago I purchased a pair at Pay Less that killed my feet, so I really have been without for a while. See, the "perfect" pumps mean they are also comfortable, don't rub blisters an don't kill the ball of my foot. These seem to be that pair. AND all for only $16.00.

I tried them on and Steele said "mommy, you should wear those to the Dream Center Church. I like them" yea, I think I just might...


Anonymous said…
Brian Lucio said…
There are very few things I love more than a smokin hot pair of shoes!!!!! You go girl!!!
Anonymous said…
The pumps are nice and a great deal but you can never beat the bargain you got on the "gold (thigh high) boots".

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