Pictures from Karen's Visit

Chillin on the porch. That's what we mostly do, chill. Other then chillin, I pimped Andrew and Isabelle's blogs for them and as always Dean played poker and Bingo with Karen's family.

Karen and I reflecting on the porch (posing from our best angle is more like it)..

Steele NOT going into the pool (cuz' he hates them) but more then willing to squirt Bradley Harvey with the water toy. Notice the handy Andrew pyramid in the pool...

WAY to much coolness in the back of this truck..

Summer and Karen Friday night at the Chimes on Coursey. They know each other through the blog world but finally met in person.

Karen fixing me a raw oyster. Yes, I ate one, not awful but not something I would chose to eat again.

Good times. Good times.


Anonymous said…
I know y'all had fun. I wish I could have been there to see Karen.
I really hope she can make for my 60th. Love MOM

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