Karen's in town

She's going to kill me for putting this picture of her on here, she had just driven 10 hours from Florida but I still think she looks great!

These are her big boys, Evan, Andrew and Bradly. Crazy how they just continue to grow UP! She also has two sweet girls, I'll take some pics of them this week too.

The crazy thing is, when we hang out with Karen here in Baton Rouge at her mom and sisters house, we don't "do" anything. We just sit around "drinking wine and listening to Journey". No, that's an inside joke but really we mostly just sit around talking and laughing. Lots of laughing, which is ALWAYS good.


Anonymous said…
Dear Lord, Carole!
isabelle said…
hey thanks for the blog is very good i like it well maybe little E can spin the night one night. tell mr. dean can add me on the blog
Emily Wilkerson said…
i like them how old!!!!
just kidding!


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