The indescribable strength of Peace

I lost an $800.00 check. Yea, it was for the adoption, part of our loan. I thought I had successfully put it in the night deposit but I didn't. It's a long story but in a nut shell I'm an idiot. So please, spare me any lectures.

Anyway, the Abba Fund is reissuing the check and stopping payment on the lost one. PLEASE pray that it is not cashed by anyone before they can get the stop payment. Thanks.

I have been painting, arranging storage, cleaning more, I am nesting big time. It's weird how women do that before a child comes. I think "hey! A is not going to care if the porch is painted or not!" but it still doesn't stop me doing it.

I received a video of him yesterday. He was wearing the hat we got him. He looks very small, like a 5 yr old rather then a 7 yr old. I wanted to hug him. In the video he looked so scared.

I know that feeling. I am scared. So much is about to change in our lives. He doesn't speak English, how crazy is that going to be? He is 7 not an infant, he will be so shocked by our world.

I pray A is covered by peace. I think we all know this is going to be hard, I can see it in his eyes.

But please don't for a second take me being scared as me not wanting to do it. Heck, I get white knuckle-make my peace with Jesus-scared every time I ride a roller coaster but I still love to ride them and want to ride them. The bottom line for me is, this is right. Everything about it is right. Even the second guessing and the nervousness about the future. It's all right. Dean, me, Evangeline and Steele, we all want this. We all love A already.

Peace is such an amazing thing. It's indescribable. It comes for the moments and takes you to the next ones. It clears the fog of fear. It keeps you focused when everything else tries to distract you


HerstoryGirl said…

I can only imagine how it must feel to lose that much money, but at least they are re-issuing the check, right?
Don't feel bad; We have ALL done stuff we later regret.
Honestly, how do you KNOW that you didn't put it in the deposit box??
Those things do get broken into!
I know our bank's deposit box was broken into once and my military pay check was gone.
It will all work out.
The Kelly's are excited to bring Abel home, too!!!
i am a major NESTER. i mean, when i was pregnant with my last one, i had a list a mile long, like it was even relevant that she would have the ductwork cleaned in the house or the fence painted or all closets organized and clothes folded at 90 degree angles!
Anonymous said…
One thing you might want to think about is not using the night deposit for that much money. It is always better to take it during the day to the bank and get your receipt from the teller. I hope everything works out OK. Love MOM
Elysa said…
grace said…
I love you!
I do lurk here, even if I rarely comment...and I'm praying for you.

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