I win the Best Mother Award

Growing up in Florida a lot of people would get these things called "Sun Spots". It's a fungus that gets worse with Sun exposure. Dean has them pretty bad. A couple years ago Dean went to the Dermatologist and the Doctor told him to use Selsum Blue on his skin whenever the spots started showing up. Dean would wash with the Selsum Blue and sometimes rub the Selsum Blue on the spots and let it stay on over night. It always worked for Dean.

Well, I tried that on Evangeline's Sun spots, and well, it actually burned her skin! Yea, now she is coated in Aloe.

I get the award.

One time I had lice and my mom poured STRAIT liquid Lysol on my head. My head was on FIRE! I had to sit rolling my head in cold water for hours!! But yea, I was Lice free after that.

Hey, we try.


Lesley said…
Don't feel bad! We try, just like you said. At least she had you there to take care of her :-)

One time when Lane was about 9 months old... I got out of the car with the keys and accidentally locked the car - with him IN it!! I was completely hysterical and almost died right there on the spot.

Oh yeah, it gets better... we ended up having to call the police to come break into my car so I could get Lane out! I was just sure that they would take him away from me for being an unfit parent!! Thankfully, the cop was kind to me and said accidents happen and that this wasn't the first time he had gotten a call like that from a hysterical parent!

NOT one of my finer "mommy moments..." Uggghhhhhhh.
Joyce said…
That is so crazy because the ladies in my "pool group" and I were JUST talking about that this morning....we all tried the "Selson Blue" thing last year and it didn't work for us. But none of us had a reaction to it thankfully.

Those spots are a fungus.....your right. The more your in the sun the more they seem to come out.
So we have to kind of "clean up the ol' insides."
Sorry that happened. You were trying to help E out. Who would have thought that would happen to her poor little thing.

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