How to Pick a President

This is the article I have referred to a couple times recently. I really liked it and think everyone should read it.

Here are some exerts from it to wet your whistle...

How to Pick a President
Why virtue trumps policy.
Daniel Taylor & Mark McCloskey
Christianity Today, June, 2008

..Competence without virtue is poisonous. It simply makes one more effective at doing wrong. Furthermore, being virtuous is, in itself, an expression of competence. Since virtue is a requirement for leadership, a lack of virtue in a leader is a sign of incompetence and grounds enough for rejecting that leadership. Virtue is a personal matter, but it is never wholly a private one, certainly not in a President..

..Virtue is a suite of values-soaked abilities that in active combination form a person's character and give shape to a life. Our choices and actions both reveal and reinforce our character. You cannot judge whether a person will be a good leader—a good President—without knowing and evaluating his or her character—how life has stamped or marked them. A President is, among other things, a decision maker. Decisions flow out of values and experience, that is, out of character.

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