Overused Christianese Words

Ok, there are words that have gotten completely worn out in Christianese. You know, every "relevant" "cool" preacher says them, all the time..

Every preacher wants to "unpack" this sermon, this thought, these points, etc.

New words- what about unbaggage, unbunch, unbundle, unjam, unload, unstuff, untruss yea, I like Untruss.

Way overused in hip Christian circles.

New words- applicable, apposite, apropos, germane, material, pertinent

Mega Church

New words to put before the word "church"- amplitudinous, astronomical, behemoth, big, colossal, cyclopean, elephantine, enormous, epic (NO THIS IS ANOTHER OVER USED WORD! SEE BELOW), leviathan, macroscopic, magnitudinous, mammoth, Olympian, pyramidal, pythonic, stratospheric, towering, tremendous, vast, vasty

yea, stop saying everything is Epic.

New words- see list above.

Ok, give me some more overused words from the Christianese language..


Anonymous said…
I'm getting tired of authentic. Just me.
Anonymous said…

"This is the DNA of our church."
Carole Turner said…
Yes! OMG, Way over used words.

ok other words for

DNA- gene, genetic code.

Authentic- authoritative, convincing, credible, faithful, true, trustworthy, valid.
Love it! I was just telling my kids on Saturday that when they write the letters to the soldier we adopted that they can not use christianese. Then I had to explain what that was.
Anonymous said…
Get over it Captain Negatives!!!
Anonymous said…
Also those are Culture Words, not Christianese. Christianese are words like saved, lost, redeemed, Amen...etc
Little E said…
no, Christianese is any words used mainly by Christians. These words are mainly used by churched people. Not being negative, just having some fun, chill!
Anonymous said…
Lets add Christianese to that list too...hahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
This was the most Epic, relevant, post-ever!!!!
Glad we could Unpack it!

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