Going back on my word to not talk politics until November

Yea, I'm weak. What can I say.

Recently I read a great article in Christianity Today called "How to pick a President" and it spoke a lot about letting virtue not policy be what guides you in picking a candidate. I started looking into what McCain and Obama did in secret, before running for president, while running for president, their giving records, humanitarian works. Also, did they ever make hard decisions, go against what was popular because of principle and conviction? What I found tipped the scale for McCain.

No, it had nothing to do with the bull crap, exaggerated propaganda videos about Obama, or his crazy preacher. I still believe Obama is a good candidate, a good person. But for the longest time I just didn't like McCain. I really don't know why, he just didn't sit well with me. I believe now I was wrong. Now I see more of what I want in a president in John McCain then Barak Obama and I especially like Cindy McCain, check out her and the rest of his family HERE .

I actually have a list and for a while Obama's list was longer in favor of him, not much longer but still longer.

Also, McCain is the most non Christian Right Republican, and the most liberal Republican to run in quite a while, so to me that is good. (I don't believe Jesus is a Republican or a Democrat but most people on the Christian Right absolutely think He is a Republican and they swollow everything the Republican machine puts out there as being "Christian" and that makes me want to vomit.)

SO Karen, Clyde, Donna, MOM, Lorri, Clint, Pat, and everyone else let the gloating begin..


Elysa said…
LOL! But I'm actually glad you went back on your word, Carole. It gives me hope that maybe I can actually vote for one of the candidates this fall without completely feeling disgusted with the whole effort.

BTW, I LOVE your new blog topper! Its awesome. Can't wait to show my 2 oldest girls. They are HUGE Narniacs and love artsy stuff.
HerstoryGirl said…
Well, you KNOW you aren't going to get any gloating from me... I know exactly where you are coming from on this struggle of deciding who to vote for.
This article is very convicting, I must say.
Anonymous said…
I guess I should say something here. I like your thinking, and, as always, your ability to humble yourself like no other. Oh, I got your message. I'll call you tomorrow when we can talk for longer than 2 seconds.
Anonymous said…
Thank God! You have come to your senses. I know you are a very smart girl. Read the forward I sent you from Snopes.com. I love you. MOM

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