Father's Day at the Dream Center

The Winborne Dream Center was so amazing this morning. Adam brought a powerful word about father child relationships and how they effect our view of the father child relationship that we have with God, Many people were touched.

We had a record crowd from the community, 195 people! It was a great day.

This is Adam getting ready to get his preach on with that huge bible and his pimp daddy necklace! (Just kidding, he donned neither accessory while preaching ;-)

Adam talking to the new comers in the reception room. We had many first time visitors today.

After Church we went to Pat and Lorri's for lunch and then home.

Steele sleeping in the van. How can kids sleep like that?

And this is the kids and Dean play sword fighting on the back porch. Dean is wearing his "World's Greatest Dad" shirt that the kids got for him. They are so very blessed to have such a loving, strong, kind, compassionate, dad.


what a great day! cant wait until i'm back at the dream center again for sundays (navigate keeps me away).

anyway, thanks for always sharing the pics.

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