E Navigate and a day with Steele

Today was Evangeline's first day of Navigate. It's like Church Summer school. That's why I like it cuz' even though we have officially stopped "schooling" she is still getting to write and read and study and stuff like that.

I took her to Navigate at 7:45am and she didn't get home until 5pm so Steele and I had a day all to ourselves. I started painting the back of my house but it was way to hot to finish. While I was painting Steele painted his chair. See, I gave him an old wood chair that was outside and told him that it was his to paint every time I was painting. He really dug that.

We missed our girl Evangeline, a lot, but we had a good day just chillin and painting.

Here are some pics..

Lunch today, heart shaped PB&J on a Superman plate. I love the symbolism in that..

Steele showing off his Sharpie Tat that Sissy inked for him tonight. It says "Raisha" she's his shawty!

And this pic is from the other night. Yea, that's my bed, I'm actually laying in it trying to read but the "Pallet" was replaced by Steele's new tent that Monett got him for his birthday. It was way to tight in my room for it so it didn't last long. Plus Steele was afraid to sleep in it.


HerstoryGirl said…
Love the tat, Steele!!

Uh, oh.
Now Raisha says SHE wants one.
Ummm, no.
Sorry little man.
Emily Wilkerson said…
you gotsta watch him!just kiddin!


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