I talked to my dad today. He lives in Texas and I see him about once a year. All my half sisters are there grilling steaks with him and the highlight of his day will be tonight when he gets to sit and watch "When we Left the Earth" the Discovery Channel series. I get my geekieness from him. I also get my love for fun and my sense of humor from him. And my love of music. He's a drummer, an amazing drummer. Loves Elvis, made me watch Jimmy Hendrix documentaries and introduced me to Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carly Simon and bought me my first record, E.L.O.'s "Out of the Blue". He can out dance anyone I know and I'm sure I got all my best moves from him.

And shoe polish. This is my shoe polish. All shoes are repairable. Some polish, saddle soap, a new heel or some nonskid pads, can fix any foot apparel problem. I got my deep appreciation for shoe polish from my dad.

But above all that, his relationship with God was the catapult that propelled me into a true lasting relationship with Christ. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Love you Dad! Happy Fathers Day!


I talked to Gary today too. He's been with my mom since I was 10. He taught me to drive, freaked out when I covered by bedroom walls with my lip prints (hey, it was cheaper then Lip wallpaper) and taught us all how to play Spades. And in 1998 him and mom drove 12 hours through the night to be by our side as we dealt with then 2 yr old Evangeline being in PICU just after being diagnosed with type one diabetes. That was a big deal to me. And today, he loves Steele more then I could have ever dreamed possible. He is Papa-Balou to the kids, they love him. If I ever eat Steak, Shrimp, Salad and a baked Potato all together, Which is my favorite meal, I think of Gary cuz' it was his favorite meal.

Oh and thanks for saying I was a great singer! Love you Gary! Happy Fathers Day!


What a sweet tribute to your dads.

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