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So, I've been sick. It started with some crazy lower abdominal pain around 4am yesterday morning. I'm no stranger to pain. Heck, I lived with endometriosis for 25 years so I know cramps, leg aches, feeling like you would rather die then endure one more minute of this cramping and I know the comfort that only comes from laying on a cold bathroom floor (proximity to the toilet for vomiting, diariah, etc and it cools the fire that you are on while cramping-at least that was always my experience) but this pain was different. Shooting kinda and it wasn't Ovarial or Uterusal (yes, I made thoughs words up) it was more abdominal. Right abdominal region like.

Well after many Google searches and talks with friends I decided I may have a kidney stone. I have no experience with Kidney issues, I have never had a kidney crisis of any kind. So, I took some drugs, Tylenol with Codeine and then Claritin (cuz' the Codeine makes me itchy-yea, I'm high maintenance drug user) and I proceeded to try and sleep until the stone either passed or killed me, whichever.

Well, then there was a hail storm and a little lightening strike hitting the power pole 20 feet behind my house, then no electricity so I had no fan to drown out the kids, then here comes the Entergy guys to fix the power pole and THEN by 9pm last night the power was restored and I could finally get some sleep. By then the pain was gone, hum.

So I slept like a brick cuz' I was on good drugs and woke up feeling like I needed to sleep MANY more hours. But no pain, so I figure whatever it was is gone, maybe? who knows.

See, I don't do stomach trouble. My take on it is that stomach trouble is for people who internalize everything. (her comes the psychology) or over freak about everything. Think about the people you know with stomach trouble, like ulcers, sever stomach issues, get the do-run-runs a lot, and/or have trouble pooping, are they free with their problems? Do they deal with issues as they come or do they stuff it down in side? Well, when you stuff it down inside it has to come out someway....yea, your catching on now.

So, my friend Karen says "maybe all the stress of the adoption is giving you the kidney stone" Uh, no, whatever, I am not stressed. I mean sure, yea, I broke out in 557 cold sores last month, my kids pray for me to be nice when we have family prayer time and so what that I have gained 5 lbs during a weight loss contest, that all has nothing to do with stress, cuz' IM NOT STRESSED!!

oww, yelling in bold feels good. See, I release my feelings....


that sounds terrible.
oh by the way, i am also a "fan" sleeper.

& what in the world is this twitter thing. its VERY confusing to me.
Anonymous said…
Let it all out, girl. Venting always makes me feel better too!
Anonymous said…
I still think it's a stone. You'll know when (if) it moves again. Keep drinking lots of water just in case.
Joyce said…
Sorry to hear that..try some "friendly bacteria"..and see if it will help. You can start with yogurt ( Acidolphlis is a friendly bacteria) right away but get to Whole Foods when you can and get some "Pro-Biotics." Plus there is a GNC up the road from you all.
Couldn't hurt, could help it's all good for you regardless.
Hope you feel better soon.

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