Breakfast with the family and Frisby Golf

Dean is off work 'till Monday so we all got up at 6am and went to breakfast at Waffle House. My kids LOVE Waffle House. I dig watching the short order cooks.

Then we headed to The Dream Center for ASAP. On the way we see Susan and Vince serving "breakfast in a Cup" out side of the old Belmont Hotel. It's a cool outreach thing they do with another ministry that is located at the Belmont. Ofcourse I had to stop and take their picture!

ASAP wore me out today! We took the kids to play Frisby Golf in Baker. The kids didn't think they were going to like it but they did. I didn't play, I really just sat around but still, the sun wears me out.

ATTENTION ALL MY SINGLE FRIENDS, This is Carl. He helps out at ASAP. He's the man who had the idea to go play this very cool sport. He's a cool dude, reads Tozar, plays Frisby Golf, 36 and single ladies...

Just trying to work in my gift that's all!


Anonymous said…
I am married, but Carl is beautiful.
Elysa said…
Our summer youth group is going to be doing outreach ministries to "the least of these" in our community this summer. We're starting out by worshipping with an inner city church this weekend. Their body is made up primarily of druggies, pimps, prostitutes, and homeless folks.

I'd love to hear more about this "breakfast in a cup" ministry.

MaryAnn Mease said…
there it is!
breakfast in a cup!

what is it?

been searching for it...its something you hand out to others...very cool thing...but what is IN THAT CUP?

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