Block Party in Dixie

Dixie is an area of town near Plank Road in Baton Rouge. It's a pretty rough neighborhood, well actually, real rough. Today we took the HPC Baton Rouge Dream Center to Dixie and threw one heck of a party.

We do block parties about once a month. It's a great way to bring the walls of the church out to meet the people. We want everyone to feel welcome at HPC. Not just the people near the church or the ones that look the part but also the drug dealers, prostitutes, drug addicts and street people. We go to the neighborhoods that believe the church would never come there.We had Kids games, manicures, cards, Dominoes, B-ball, Slip and slide, jumpy things, crafts and of course burgers and dogs! ALL FREE! Yea, the block was hoppin and love was flowin! And it has nothing to do with us but everything to do with reaching people for Jesus.

One lady came and got food. She looked at everyone as if they were going to yank the plate from her. She kept asking "this is free?" as she walked away toward her home, she kept looking back. Another lady from the neighborhood said "she's wondering why all you white people up in this bad neighborhood givin away free food and fun. She just don't understand how it could be. Y'all are a blessing, they don't really know what to think". That lady walked away with food and information about when the shuttle picks up for church. I pray she comes.

I was doing manicures. Mrs. Adell Benson came and sat down to get one. She was around 65 years old. her hands were so coarse and dry. She told me her cuticles were in terrible shape. I started to rub the lotion on her hands, taking extra care to massage the cuticles. She was right, they were hard as a rock. I looked to see if there was anyone waiting behind her, when I saw there wasn't I took extra time on those cuticles. I gently massaged her hands and fingers, I could feel the hard life in her hands, I knew I had to be gentle. At one point I asked her if she lived around here, she was startled, she said "ow baby, you was putting me to sleep". Finally I told her I thought I had gotten those cuticles softened a little bit.

I loved the time spent holding and massaging Mrs. Adell's hands.

If you ever get a chance to hang out with people in the inner city, you should do it. It's a blessing is all I can say.

Here are some pics from the party..

Mr. Gerry and Chris grillin...

Mrs. Genie signing up kids for VBS...

Some ladies from the neighborhood relaxing in the shade..

Kids making water balloons...

Dan and Dean filling up the basketball goal while Tweez and Ricko pose in the back ground..

Angelle, me and Aliyah doing manicures...

Israel and some neighborhood kids lovin the slip and slide..

Allied Assisted Living facility brought some of their peeps to enjoy the party..

and yes, that is rain you see in that picture, it didn't last long and it just served to cool everyone off a little..

My Steele schooling some kids in Tether ball...

and that's my girl E, servin it up as always.


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