When God Disturbs the Peace

LOVED this article that was in my very favorite magazine, Christianity Today.

When God Disturbs the Peace
Our gospel may be small because we fail to believe that God animates many social movements.
Fleming Rutledge posted 5/30/2008 10:34AM
Christianity Today Online Magazine

...First, it allows Christians to view opponents not as evil in themselves, but as those who are in the grip of external forces. This conviction empowered Martin Luther King in his consistent message that blacks and whites together were in need of deliverance. Second, the worldview that acknowledges the agency of an active Enemy in world events encourages Christians to look for the power of God not only in stories of individual deliverance, but also in the great social movements of our time..

..We who are evangelicals need to widen our vision of what God does in the world. We have a signature example of "the Scriptures and the power of God" occurring in our midst with the civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s. The current status of this history, however, is a sad example of the divide between an understanding of the gospel with relation to the redemption of individuals, on the one hand, and the deliverance of communities on the other. In the white evangelical churches there is a stunning lack of interest in, or knowledge of, one of the most important demonstrations of the power of God in our time (or any time). Liberal churches do somewhat better, but the problem here is that the movement is not understood theologically in the way that most of its leaders did. Most of the participants were overwhelmingly convinced that in their resistance—their sit-ins, mass meetings, and marches—God was on the move.

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