What Steele bought at the Gap

He had a gift card from Dean's sister, he picked these clothes out himself and even swiped the card. He had two shirts picked out..

I said "ok Steele, which one do you want?"

He pointed to the white sleeveless one he has on in the pic and said "is that one cooler?"

me, "yes".

Steele, "I want that one then."

The jeans were a no brainer. He always wants to wear "blue Jeans" as he calls them.

He came into the kitchen just now and said,

"Momma, can I call you Sugga-momma?"

"Yea sure" I replied.

He's like street-surfer-cool guy or something. Whatever you want to call it, he's smooth.


Anonymous said…
thats funny. Kids they keep you smiling! H
Anonymous said…
I like that his shirt really shows off the guns. You are in so much trouble, Sugar Mama.

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