Sauna Saturday, My first Graduation and Lorri's 40th b-day!

Ok, so Saturday was just HOT. I mean literally HOT. I don't sweat, really I am just not a person who ever sweats. but Saturday I was sweating like a pig!!

Dean and Evangeline got to the HPAC at 6am, Steele and I arrived at 7:50am, E's game was at 8am and it was already a sauna outside by then!! Steele's game was at 10:15am, he couldn't do it, by the beginning of the first inning he left the field in a complete meltdown, it was just too hot and he was just too tired. I took him home and him and I both took a two hour nap. Then we headed back to the HPAC and didn't return home until 9:30pm. Everyone was just a big ball of sweat, I mean it was just so humid and nasty hot out, no ones hair stood a chance.

Steele with Rhodes (I think) and Ryan before the meltdown, on the bench in the dug out..

Evangeline ready to knock it out...

Steele just prior to the meltdown..


Sunday was amazing. Chris Hodges spoke at the Winborne campus and it was so good. Really, spot on was his message. I was gushing the entire morning with love for everyone there. I love the people I get to serve with, really they are amazing people and today I just really appreciated all of them.

Chris Hodges preaching at Winborne. I love my church.


Then I had Elevate graduation. I have never graduated from anything so this was huge for me. I now have a certificate of Christian Ministry and 24 credit hours. Very cool. But more then anything I did it. I finished, I didn't give up when it was hard or I hated it, and that was a huge God thing that I am so glad about. I also got MVP for the Winborne campus, which I still can't believe even as I type it, but it was a great award and I was very honored by it. I never thought I would get any awards for this so it was cool.

Me on stage posing for a picture with Delynn and Dino and getting my Diploma...

bad picture of me holding my diploma..

Evangeline went crazy with the camera at graduation, she posed with everyone I think ;-)

All these girls were in Elevate with me and they became my friends along with MANY other people...

Her and Sarah, click on her name and go check out her blog, she's a really great girl who serves at Winborne with us...

her and Leah, she's leaving for Tanzania Africa tomorrow so check out her blog too..

Her and Tori, who serves with me at Winborne and is just the sweetest check out her blog too..

These are all girls I would love for Evangeline to be like because they are amazing and wonderful!


After graduation was Lorri's Birthday party. She turned 40 today so we celebrated with just a couple close friends at Summers house. I just love who I get to do life with. Yes, it's cliche but who cares, I love them and I can't imagine life without them. Lorri is such a rock in my life and tonight I got to celebrate her birthday and a milestone in my life so it was just a really great day.

Lorri cutting her cake..

Me and Lorri's great mom Kelly...

Summer cooking, love her!...

Anne and Summer talking...

Lorri opening her fabulous gifts.

What a great, great weekend.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Lorri! She just keeps getting more lovely. That cake looked good. What kind was it?
leah said…
ahhh carole! Im so glad that ive gotten the chance to know you over the past 9 months, you are one of the coolest people around. i love you and your whole family!
but you didnt post about the rest of the night...did you get TANKED?! haa just picking
Elysa said…
OMGoodness...we've yet ANOTHER thing in mentioned HAIR in your first paragraph. Obviously, its something that you think about, too. ;) And NAPS? I adore naps!!! This high level of commonality is getting a bit scary, you know.

BTW, I mentioned your blog at my blog yesterday. Would it be alright if I snagged one of your images and put it there? I always like blog posts with picchas so much better than just plain type.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day without a repeat of the sweatin'!

Carole Turner said…
no Leah, moderation and self control. It was a fun evening.
Joyce said…
I'm very happy for you and for the honor you were given at the Graduation for "Elevate" I can't believe Lorri's 40...I won't tell you how old I am going to be soon. HA! She is so she never ages. What's up with that.
That was neat of Summer to open her home up for the party but that is Summer now isn't it. She's very good that way.
IT has been so hot and's killing me.
See ya,
Anonymous said…
awww carole! it has been so great getting to know you this past year in elevate...and dean, evangeline and steele! you guys are so cool...really! im proud of you for sticking it out through the tough times. it means so much to have family and friends supporting you through a journey like elevate. and how awesome is it that our church has a program like this?! love ya chick!

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