Things that go together

Service and Evangelism.

I used to pray for opportunities to share my faith. Pray for God to give me the words, open the door. But now, I get to share my faith more then ever. When you hand someone a plate of Jambalaya they usually want to know why you are giving them something for free, so you get to tell them why. When you are trying to help a teen age girl not talk so nasty, when she loves and trust you because you have invested into her life, she listens when you tell her about the purity God wants for her. When you grab a 12 year old boy to pray for him, knowing that he lost his mother due to Katrina and has never known his father, it's easy to share Gods love with him. When you serve people, the words just come. When you are motivated by love for God and love for man, people see that. I pray everyday that I walk in His love.

Salt-seasons, Light- illuminates, we are to be both.


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