Random responses to readers concerns and questions

No, I will not take the bait, Donna and Karen. I am tempted, very tempted, but I will be strong and resist.

Yes mom, It's true, Oprah is the Anti-Christ.

No, I love keyboard music, my favorite John Mayer song is his Keyboard heavy "Dreaming with a Broken Heart".

No, I don't personally know any fat people that preach against drinking.

Yes, I do believe that one person can change the world.

No, I haven't drank anything alcoholic yet even though Elevate ended on May 6th, graduation is not until May 25th, which so happens to be Lorri's 40th birthday....

Yes, I think Dean is sexier today then he was the day I married him.

Yes, the wait for A to come home is killing me.

And yes, I realize I talk about it all the time, sorry.

Yes, I think everyone wants to hear about AIDS, Orphans, Fair Trade and Africa all the time.

No, I don't think Dwight Yokum is cool but I do think he is Funky-Country!

No, I don't think I'm too old or too white to wear a nail polish called "Vixen".

Yes, I do think I am too old and too white to wear mini skirts or shorts more then an inch above the knee.

That's all the responses I can think of right now. Did I miss any of your concerns?


Donna said…
I didn't serve any bait! Whatchoo talk'n about?
Anonymous said…
That's true, Sue. I am the bait master.
that's funny!
Elysa said…
"Yes, I think everyone wants to hear about AIDS, Orphans, Fair Trade and Africa all the time." I can SO relate!

Btw, I am 42 and have blue sparkly toe nail polish.

And another btw, I found your blog via WRECKED FOR THE ORDINARY. Thanks for sharing your heart there! :)

Elysa Mac

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