Pray for Kenya

Last week I told you all about my article, The Plight of Orphans in Africa being featured on the online magazine, Wrecked for the Ordinary. I received several comments from friends and family on the article but I also received this comment,

Comment from joshua akello:
Submitted Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 4:09:51 AM EST

please come and help us in this ministry work people are still died here in western kenya. and need you prayer and sistance. your joshua

I do not know Joshua, I have no way to get in contact with him but I do know his comment haunts me. I pray for Kenya now, I pray people do go and help Joshua and his country. I ask you to do the same and if your single and want to help, pray about going to Kenya, they need you. Swaziland needs you. Ethiopia needs you. There are too many African countries that desperately need people to come help. I pray about it every day, will we one day go, who knows but we will go wherever God calls us.

Thank you Joshua.


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