Pictures from today

Evangeline with her hands free cell phone head set on, she thinks she's Mr. Pat...

Lorri tutoring, she is the Tutoring QUEEN!!

The ASAP soccer group. Yes, that's pastor Adam, he's quite the soccer player. And Evangeline hung in there big time with all those big ole boys, she ain't scared-t.

The NEW garden at Winborne. Thanks to Annabel for hooking us up with garden stuff and leading our ASAP kids in some serious gardening.

My Neia showing off her plants. (I told her I needed that shirt!)

Steele and I playing with the camera. He loves to take pictures.

Giant Steele.

Fish Steele.

Sweet lovin' Steele!


Anonymous said…
I love all of these, but the last one is my favorite! I love the garden, too! How great for everybody to get to do this.
Lesley said…
That last picture of you and Steele is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen! You can SEE the love on both of your faces ... beautiful :-)

Anonymous said…
I love these pictures. I agree with Karen the last picture shows the love on both your faces. I would love to have a copy. Love, MOM.

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