Matters of the Heart and Mind

I suffer from reverse racism a lot of times. Yes, I am white but so many times I think White people are vile and amazingly self righteous, especially here in the south. But then THAT voice reminds me that I am stereo typing, being racist and I need to walk in grace. It's hard sometimes, well a lot of the time.

I was reading an article in my favorite magazine, Christianity Today, called "How to Pick a President" there were so many things in that article that convicted me as a person. Like this..

"Temperance is as crucial as any of the other virtue because its lack renders them less effective. Temperance is self restraint, the ability to control (even say No to) harmful drives, impulses, and passions..It is an expression of self-mastery that allows a leader to function under pressure, including external pressure from extremist and ideologues to act rashly to accomplish immediate and simplistic goals.."

Basically it said you have to get rid of your BUTTONS, I have MANY BUTTONS. Push one, and I react. I am a reactionary. That's not good. I added that to my list of things to pray about daily. I need temperance (no that doesn't have anything to do with alcohol) I have to make decisions based on grace, love, mercy and justice.

(ha, ha, ha, Karen and Donna, you thought I was going to talk politics didn't you?)

The other night after Elevate graduation I started to consider "do your good deeds in secret". They referred to this scripture when presenting an award to the amazing and wonderful Susan for being Elevate Evenings Student of the year. She lives this and her deeds are great. When I got my award for being the Winborne Campus MVP, they said something like "don't mess with miss Carole when it comes to her defence of the poor, the orphans, etc" so I was the loud mouth and Susan the behind the scenes Jesus type servant. I was wondering if how I was really was right. Was I too passionate? too vocal? Am I how Jesus wants me to be? Then Lorri reminded me of Paul, and I thought about Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. I believe that as long as I speak, act and walk in love, then I am as God would have me to be at this time. I'm not mother Theresa, Susan is. I will probably always struggle with saying to much and reacting too strongly to injustice but thank God, He will continue to work on me till the end. Cuz' really, it's all about serving Him and bringing Him glory so I just have to be sure to do that.


Anonymous said…
You..too loud??? Really! Learn something new everyday..hahaha

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