A little bit from Boot Camp

Church service...

Caroline, Kirsten, Not sure of her name girl, and Evangeline dressed up as old people for the Senior Citizens social last night..

Tweeze buzzing Tyler's hair at the Senior Citizens Social...

Some of the leaders getting hand outs ready for the neighborhood outreach today..

Team 1, my team, from the outreach today! They cleaned up and handed out fliers real good!

And this is the group posing outside of the church and JP, Josh Bob and Kyle getting them on film!

So far, It's been crazy. I am completely sleep deprived. BUT I get to come home and sleep in my own bed tonight.

I will post more later when my Brain wakes up. If you want to get until then, go over to the side bar and read my twitter updates or click "Follow me on Twitter" and you will see all the updates from last night, today and I will keep "twittering" tonight also...


Anonymous said…
hey, this is kyle menck. i dont know how it works but i just got twitter so my little thing to follow is "follow kyle14"

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